Why Big Brands Need Custom Invite Designs 

If you’re planning an event for a brand of considerable repute, relying on anything other than custom invite designs is career suicide. If you think we’re being overly dramatic, read on. As an event manager tasked with ensuring big brands get the most bang for their buck from their functions, you will need to pull out all the stops. Using one of the thousands of online templates that are available for a nominal fee (or even free) may seem like a quick and easy way to create your invitations. Unfortunately, it’s also a quick and easy way to damage the reputation of you and your clients. Here’s why:

Relying on an online template for your invite designs is only feasible if you’re hosting a small, private affair.

If you’re planning a baby shower or 60th anniversary dinner, online templates are an affordable and easily-accessible way to create your invitations. If you’re managing a gala dinner however, the stakes are considerably higher. Everyone and their mother’s sister-in-law has access to online templates – which means that if you use one for an industry-leading brand, you run the risk of someone seeing your invitation for the VIP-studded gala dinner and them realising that they got the same template for a hen’s night.

This scenario is akin to self-sabotage. It looks extremely unprofessional and does the opposite of positioning the brand as one of distinction.

Invite designs that echo the brand’s corporate identity are crucial in establishing and maintaining brand recognition and advocacy.

Remember that your guests identify your brand by their logo and corporate design. The brand in question is bound to have spent a considerable amount of money on their branding. Using an online template that kind-of-sort-of-if-you-squint echoes their corporate identity is nothing short of a cardinal sin.

Your invite designs need to include the official logo and related branding qualities – if they don’t, you risk damaging both the reputation of the corporate, and of your event planning company. Most importantly, people make decisions that are based on branding, and if your invite designs don’t adequately reflect this, they’re bound to decline your invitation.

Using custom invite designs for every single event held by a brand cements the company’s position as an industry-heavyweight.

Using invite designs that not only contain the brand’s corporate branding, but are designed around the essence of the event in question is imperative. This ensures that the invites are unique to the brand – which goes a long way in creating a sense of anticipation among your guests. Eschewing online templates that you downloaded from www.megainviteshere.com or another template site in favour of invites that are specially designed continually builds and strengthens the all-important reputation of a brand.

Consistency is key – which means that all event communication needs to be uniform throughout.

Besides your invite designs, you’ll need a matching registration page, as well as a matching thank-you email. Using custom invite designs allows you to implement the company’s corporate design throughout. For this reason, it’s advisable that your events or advertising agency works with an RSVP agency in order to ensure that your creative concept is professionally executed throughout.

The RSVP Agency works together with numerous agencies and events companies – which means we’re well-versed at incorporating corporate id into exclusively designed invitations that delight brands and guests alike.