How Your Brand’s Image Can Benefit From Successful Golf Days

Corporate golf days are a favourite among South African brands – and for good reason. A far cry from the formal setting of a boardroom, they offer a relaxed setting for valuable networking opportunities. In addition, they’re a chance to showcase the qualities that make a company an influential industry-leader. As well as giving your guests some respite from the suit and tie environment they’re used to, golf days, when executed professionally, create a favourable impression that lasts long after the event.

If you want to ensure that the next corporate golf day you organise benefits your client beyond the green and into the boardroom, read on for our tips on maximising on your success.

Include personalised touch points from the start.

Any corporate event is an opportunity to demonstrate that your guests are a valued asset. This can be conveyed in any number of ways, but the most efficient way of making your guests feel appreciated is by personalising their experience. Start with your invitations, and follow through to the event itself. Pay attention to important details like the golf-shirt size of each individual in attendance. Establishing someone’s handicap and then grouping your four-balls accordingly will ensure that no one feels inadequate – playing against people with a similar level of skill will also mean that their game is more enjoyable. Find out which guests prefer a golf cart, and which prefer a caddy. By avoiding the “one size fits all approach”, you’ll position the brand as one that appreciates and recognises every single one of their guests.

Don’t underestimate the value of efficiency.

Adhering to a plan is crucial. As with any event, this all boils down to planning. Draw up a detailed schedule that make allowances for various scenarios, like a sudden downpour or everal late guests. Planning for the worst ensures that on the off-chance that the heavens open and your players have to make a run for it, you have warm towels and a drink of their choice on hand. Avoid running late by having a staggered start – plan activities such as a swing analysis for guests who are scheduled to begin playing later. Alternatively use a shotgun start format so that all your guests start at the same time. The way your corporate golf day is managed is a reflection of the way the company conducts its business, so make sure that your guests are left impressed.

The calibre of your suppliers denotes the calibre of the company.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your vendors – saving R20 per head for second-rate supplies isn’t worth it. Choosing reputable, professional suppliers will solidify your reputation as a brand that values quality and excellence. Your venue, catering, gift bags and the like all form a part of a guest’s experience, so be selective when it comes to these elements. Ensure every single aspect of your corporate golf day is professionally catered for with the highest quality offerings available.

Thoroughly researching important but oft-neglected details safeguards against embarrassing your guests.

The majority of guests invited to a corporate golf day are regular golfers who belong to their own golf clubs. There’s an unspoken agreement between clubs that if a member is behind on their membership fees or subs, they won’t be allowed to play at another club until their subs have been paid up. Ensure that your golf day goes off without a hitch by researching whether any of your guests are in arrears in order to avoid the awkward situation of having to bar a guest from playing. As with any element of an event – discretion is key. If your clients know that you’ve thought of every single potential problem and dealt with it with the utmost professionalism, you’ll position yourself as a planner they can entrust with their high-profile events.

Use a system that enables you to view every single piece of pertinent information.

Scrambling around attempting to consolidate multiple sheets of data won’t cut it. Instead, make use of sophisticated event management that’ll enable you to manage your guest list and have access to the details pertaining to ever single guest. This will also allow you to gather this data from the time you sent out your corporate golf day invites. Your guests will be able to indicate their handicap, dietary preference, shirt size and whether they’re bringing a partner or not. This information is pivotal in creating an event that caters to the varying needs of your guests, so make sure that you’re able to collect it with ease.

If you want to make sure that your corporate golf day facilitates positive reviews from your guests, pay attention to the above considerations. An event that results in happy guests is an event that they’ll want to talk about – as word of mouth is far more powerful than any other form of advertising.