Why Top Corporate Event Planners Use Automated RSVP Systems To Stay Ahead

Have you ever wondered what makes the top corporate event planners so exceptionally brilliant at their jobs? Pulling off a large-scale corporate event can so easily turn into a logistical nightmare (especially if you don’t have all your event planning ducks in a row), but these top professionals seem to do it with such flair and pizzazz. What’s their secret? The answer is simple: they use automated RSVP systems.

Top corporate event planners aren’t dummies; they’re keeping up with the times and have moved a number of their event planning processes across to be handled by automated RSVP systems and event management tools

The RSVP Agency’s automated RSVP system has been designed to assist corporate event planners with the entire event invitation and guest registration process. Our professional event management software boasts a number of unique and customisable features:

a.) Our online invitation software automates the emailing of uniquely designed electronic invites to corporate event guests

Invited guests can click on links within the body of the email invitation to see the custom event invitation, register their attendance and see more information about the event (such as a breakdown of the event’s agenda and guest speakers’ bios).

This online registration process includes the capturing of information pertinent to each guest. This includes guests’ dietary requirements, the company to which they belong, their specific stationery needs and flight or travel details, their hotel and room-type selections, airport transfer bookings, and the likes.

Once guests have confirmed their attendance and supplied the necessary information for this process, they are put on an automated workflow that sends follow-up communication reminding them to pay their event fees and book their accommodation (through an online Pay U system).

Customised conditional dropdowns can be created for each form field to capture any additional information required.

Our automated RSVP system automatically captures invitation accepts, declines and non-responses in the system’s back-end for up-to-date and automated status reporting.

Automated status reports can be sent to event planners based on their unique reporting and feedback needs. These reports include a summarised overview of invited guests, as well as a breakdown of guests who have accepted, declined or failed to respond to your event invitation.

Custom form fields for reporting can include the following information for each guest:

  • Dietary requirements (Standard, Halaal, Strict Halaal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan or Banting)
  • Preferred contact details
  • Unique QR access code and name tag number
  • Flight or travel details
  • Accommodation needs

Having a centralised repository for all guest-related information, which is constantly being updated in real-time as new guests respond, takes much of the headache out of tracking guest responses and registrations. Top corporate event planners trust our automated RSVP systems to handle their events – why don’t you? Give us a call for more information or request a quote from us today.