How Has Event Management Software Helped Cape Town Event Planners Run Successful Events?

Does Event Management Software improve how Cape Town event planners organise, manage, control and host their events? While the title of this blog may seem a bold statement, actual research has been done on the subject to answer this very question, and, not surprisingly, the results of the research revealed that, yes, event planning software does improve the event planning experience. But the research also shows that an Event Management Software package needs to include certain features and functions for it to 100% optimise the event planning process.

How exactly has Event Management Software benefitted event planners in Cape Town?

According to a study done with five event planners in the Cape Town area, Event Management Software assisted them with automating their event registration processes and enabling them to send their guests bulk messages, either via SMS (text messaging) or email. This helped streamline their events’ overall communication processes. Research participants found that automating these manual tasks saved them a great deal of time, which they could then focus elsewhere.

Event management technology also helped event planners to reduce costs, as fewer staff were needed to perform certain administrative and design functions. An additional feature that was identified as beneficial was the storing of online data in one centralised database, which meant that information could be quickly and easily found. This had definite time-saving implications for event planners.

And where did research participants find room for improvement?

The event planners identified the following gaps in what Event Management Software had to offer them. They found that they:

  •  Weren’t able to customise communications between delegates and organisers as much as they would have liked
  •  Had trouble using the software to call up reports
  •  Found that the software had limited reporting features
  • Felt that the software needed to be more adaptable to planning different types of conferences

They also reported that the software had limited design capabilities, in that it couldn’t help with personalised designs, so many opted to design their artwork manually instead, both to work faster and create designs that were more specific to their needs.

How does the RSVP Agency’s Event Management Software address these identified gaps?

The RSVP Agency constantly updates its Event Management Software and tweaks its event services to meet the evolving needs of corporate event planners.

  • We offer a comprehensive design service that uses your business’ CI guidelines and event themes to create your personalised communications and electronic invitations.
  • Should you wish to use your own artwork or designs, these can easily be incorporated into all electronic communications. Our email invitation templates can accommodate any design to ensure that your guests are left with the best first impression possible.
  • Our online RSVP dashboard allows event planners to see live reports on guest responses to email invitations, and our software also allows you to track email invitation bounces or ‘out-of-office’ replies so that you know with whom you need to follow up.
  • We now offer our clients a custom-built reporting structure, with automated reporting, so that they can specify how often they want their status reports spooled and sent to them, and which information they want reporting on and by when. The backend of our online software system is directly accessible to our clients at any time, which means that they don’t have to rely as much on our services for checking invitation accepts or declines or to affect call downs.
  • Download our brochure for more information about our professional guest list management software solution for your upcoming corporate events.