Our ‘Dream Team’ of Fabulous Corporate Speakers

Have you ever played the game ‘If you could invite six people – living or dead – to a dinner party – who would you pick?’ If you have, you’ll know that choosing an array of personalities – famous or not – is difficult. Everyone’s answers will differ wildly, but the one trait all imaginary guest lists share is a colourful myriad of people who, if gathered around the same dinner table, would make for a highly entertaining or inspiring evening. This got us thinking about the corporate speakers we’d most love to hear speak at an event.

Here’s who we chose:

Elon Musk

South African alternative energy advocate and founder of electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors, Musk is a green energy champion and entrepreneurial superstar. Last week, he announced the launch of solar powered batteries that are powerful enough to power homes and businesses. His dedication to finding viable solutions to environmentally destructive energy sources, coupled with his entrepreneurial talent, put him firmly at the top of our would-be corporate speakers.

Russel Brand

Actor and former addict, Brand is now sober and using his celebrity to bring attention to societal ills. His YouTube ‘news’ channel, aptly dubbed The Trews calls out hypocritical politicians and corporations. Brand’s take on ‘telling it like it is’ isn’t for everyone, but his facetious, ironic and gregarious point of view makes for some riveting entertainment. While Brand might ruffle some feathers as a corporate speaker, we’re hedging our bets that the audience would be anything but bored.

Trevor Noah

SA’s favourite comedian, Noah has just landed the coveted role of presenting The Tonight Show – a satirical US television show that pokes fun at all and sundry. Noah’s boyish charm, irreverent wit, and razor-sharp quips would make him the perfect addition to a line-up of corporate speakers.

Ricky Gervais

Best known for his dry humour, Gervais uses his celebrity to champion animal and human rights. His twitter bio reads: ‘Award-winning Ape’, and is awash with awareness campaigns, notably about gay rights and animal cruelty. Humour is a universal balm, and Gervais uses this to draw attention to worthy causes. As far as corporate speakers go, the star of the hit sitcom ‘The Office’, is right up there on our wish list.

Amy Poehler

Diminutive in stature, what Poehler lacks in height she more than makes up for with her ability to portray a variety of quirky characters with aplomb. Poehler cut her teeth on the set of Saturday Night Live, and went on to star in the offbeat TV show Parks and Recreation and often appears in cameo roles in Hollywood blockbusters. She’s just penned her autobiography, Yes Please, which is laugh-out-loud funny and full of human truths. This amazingly talented comedienne would be one of our dream corporate speakers, based on her ability to crack up even the most serious of audiences.

Emma Watson

Better known as Hermione of Harry Potter fame, Watson has become the ambassador for gender equality. The English beauty won worldwide acclaim for her UN speech, which launched the ‘HeforShe’ campaign. Her eloquence and powerful stance on an issue that affects women and men made waves around the world. With wisdom far beyond her years, Watson’s ability to captivate a global audience makes her a sure-fire corporate speaker winner.