The RSVP Agency Presents: Email Invitations Benchmarks Report

In an age where budgets have shrunk, but expectations remain high, it’s crucial that events are planned according to accurate data if you want to ensure that your events result in ROI. Events need to be well attended, by the right guests. We’ve compiled our annual Email Invitations Benchmarks Report – a curation of event planning statistics from our very own events.

Our aim? To equip event managers with crucial data in order to increase their attendance rates, streamline their RSVP processes and provide their clients with events that are professionally run from the start.

The RSVP Email Invitations Benchmarks Report contains comprehensive event planning statistics gleaned from our event management software.

Our extensive industry experience informed the building of our software. This resulted in a sophisticated programme that provides up-to-the-minute information about the invitation, RSVP and registration processes. To demonstrate just how powerful our event planning software is, we compiled information from over 200 events and a staggering 86 000 guests. We then carefully combed through the data in order to identify trends and statistics that pertain to event invitations to provide event managers with data that improves their email invitations and in turn, attendance rates.

An invitation is a guest’s very first touch point with an event, which means that careful consideration must be given to this crucial process.

The best email invitations, according to our event planning statistics, are invitations that immediately intrigue and position an event as one that guest don’t want to miss. Event acceptance rates that are less than impressive indicate that invitations need to be revamped using the information in our Benchmark’s report in order elevate efficiency. We’ve included data about the aesthetics, invitation wording and the time of sending – all of which influence a guest’s decision to accept or decline.

Event managers need to equip themselves with every available resource in order to ensure that their invitations are as engaging as possible.

The RSVP Agency offers an ‘Enterprise’ solution that enables users to access the back-end of our software – which is what we used to compile our Benchmarks Report. They’re able to extract a wide range of data in order to equip themselves with a comprehensive overview of each event. Having the necessary tools at their disposal in order to compile professional event reports for clients enables event managers to solidify their position as expert event specialists.