We’ve Joined The World Of Event Apps!

We’re extremely proud to announce that we now offer event apps, thanks to our partnerships with some of South Africa’s leading event app platforms. Our latest innovation in RSVP management means you can offer your guests an experience that’s even more convenient than ever before.

As we mentioned in a previous post, your guests are already relying on apps in their everyday lives to simplify a range of actions and errands ranging from ordering a taxi to tracking their fitness.

These bespoke event apps are packed full of guest-centric tools to make your event that much more engaging.

Guests can instantly access their personalised event agendas, live event feeds, and all other event related info. In addition, they can partake in live Q&A session, browse lists of speakers, exhibitors and other guests (then network instantly by swapping contact details with fellow attendees) – this, all via the device in the palm of their hands. Here’s how it works:

Right from the get-go, the event app builds anticipation for an event that caters to their every need.

One of your guests, Sally Smith, receives an email invitation inviting her to attend a multi-day conference. After having attended one of your events previously, she’s excited to see what’s in store for her this time around. She doesn’t want to miss out, so she follows the link in the email to the event’s bespoke registration page. She enters her name and the day she wants to attend and is directed to a thank you page, containing a link where she can download your event app. She clicks on it, downloads the app and is pleasantly surprised that she’s greeted by name.

Before guests set foot in the venue, they’ve got access to all the information they need to start the day off on the right foot.

Sally opens her event app to check what time her first session is and to check where she should park. She also scrolls through the list of attendees and sees that an industry peer she’s been trying to get in touch with will also be attending. Using her event app, she sends him her contact details with a message asking if he’d like to meet up during the tea break.

Armed with their event app, guests enjoy a streamlined check-in process, and an inside peek into the day’s agenda.

Upon arrival at the event, Sally easily finds her assigned parking bay and heads to the entrance. Instead of having to stand in line for ages, Sally simply scans her QR code and picks up her name tag. She makes her way to the conference room and with a couple of minutes to spare, reads up on the keynote speaker she’s about to listen to. He sounds familiar, so while she’s on her phone, she does a quick Google and realises she’s read his book.

A variety of interactive mobile content encourages increased engagement.

Before the talk begins, the MC reminds the audience that they can send any questions or comments they have after the talk via their event app, and once the speaker has concluded, he’ll answer questions as he receives them. Sally is especially impressed as she often foregoes participating in Q&A sessions due to her shy nature. Using her event app, however, she can ask away without having to stand up in a room full of hundreds of industry peers. Feeling empowered, Sally stops to ask the keynote speaker for a photo, and uploads it to Instagram, tagging it with the event’s hashtag. Moments later, her post pops up on the event feed and receives several likes and appreciative comments.

Thanks to the ease with which guests can submit feedback, attendees are that much more likely to share their thoughts.

During the lunch break, Sally receives a notification that the venue for the second talk has changed. She finishes her coffee and makes her way to the new conference room. While she waits for the session to start, she answers a poll about her experience at lunch.

Event apps give event managers a powerful way to gather invaluable data about their guests.

All of the information Sally volunteers via your event app helps you to build an in-depth profile that you can use to personalise all other marketing material you send to Sally. Instead of receiving generic, one-size-fits-all content, Sally receives content that’s tailored to her. As a result, she becomes a customer, and importantly, a vocal brand advocate.

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