Showcasing Your Guest List Management Experience

The ‘skills shortage’ is something you frequently hear employers talking about in board rooms and around dinner tables. Much like the property industry – which consists of a “buyers’’ and “sellers’’ market, the job market is currently an ‘employees’’ market. This means that once head-hunted, candidates are able to name their price and conditions of employment, and the events industry is no different. Many event managers use social media to showcase their efforts, and while potential employers do take innovative aesthetics and attention to detail into account, posting your latest event on Instagram means that you’ll have to compete with a plethora of competitors. An alternative way of standing out from the crowd is by positioning yourself as an event planner with outstanding guest list management skills.

Potential employers want to see hard evidence that attests to your superior management of guest lists.

It’s impossible to argue with hard facts, so refrain from merely talking about how great you are at upping attendance rates and obtaining errant RSVPs at your next interview. Make use of event management software to draw up reports that irrefutably demonstrate your ability to effectively manage all aspects of a guest list.

Tech-savvy event managers have a marked advantage.

If you’re running events that employ all that the latest technology has to offer, you’ll have a leg up over planners with an old-school approach. Employers want to see that your events are in-line with the latest trends – from using tele-prompters in presentations, electronic invitation systems for invites, tablets for registration and media hubs with free wi-fi and charging stations for guests.

In an economic climate where every cent counts, it’s imperative that your events result in ROI.

The point of any event is to position a brand in the best possible light, with the aim of converting guests into higher paying customers. If you’re looking to be head-hunted, being able to show that you can accurately calculate the ROI of an event is crucial. A ‘guestimate’ will not suffice – so you need to be using software that collects all data – from the proposed vs actual budget, areas where costs can be saved (for example, guests that repeatedly cancel), and the total amount of ROI as a result of an event. Factors like optimised, online invitations, real-time reporting and streamlined online check-in are paramount in ensuring an event is sophisticated and enjoyable for guests, resulting in brand advocacy and optimal ROI.

Potential employers want to see that you know how to best approach every single element of an event.

They want to know that you’re adept at discreetly managing high-profile guests and their related details. Proving that you’re capable of handling things like liaising with a VIP speaker and ensuring that everything is in place for a publicity-worthy presentation is paramount. So too is having a list of world-class suppliers on hand in order to avoid last minute blunders. That said, don’t discount the importance of being able to prove that you’ve got a handle on the more mundane and time-consuming tasks such as the managing of guest lists, which can be outsourced for maximum efficiency.

If you’re using tools that save you time, you’re bound to be a master multi-tasker, resulting in professional, world class events.

Juggling multiple tasks at once is expected, so if you’re able to show that you can manage guest lists, keep on top of last minute changes and oversee the registration process with ease (thanks to the use of innovative, real-time event management software), you’ll have more time to liaise with suppliers, overseeing the set-up and break-down as well as looking after the attending VIPs.

Demonstrating the skills above will give you an edge over your peers. If you’re able to, then substantiate these assertions with testaments from happy clients who sing your praises. It is especially worthwhile to include clients who you have successfully been able to keep updated on guest-list changes in real-time or any who have commented on your overall professionalism and excellent delivery of services. If you can gather positive reflections from clients on your company quantifying your claims then you are well on your way.

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