Our Favourite Interactive Installations From High Tech Events

We recently blogged about how all events – corporate and commercial – are increasingly becoming technologically-driven. Guests now expect to be blown away by every single aspect of an event, and if you’re not able to instantly impress them, your event – and brand – will fail to leave a lasting impression. High tech events around the world are using innovative, imaginative ways to wow guests and encourage interaction. From Google Glass to augmented reality, high tech events have morphed into multimedia shows that connect brands and guests in a variety of creative ways.

Multi-media installations that combine the use of video and smartphones create immersive experiences.

Events are essentially a form of storytelling, and all brands have a story to tell.  By capturing the imagination of your guests, you can lead them on a journey that showcases your brand – and delights them along the way. High tech events are using creative combinations of digital media that combine to form intriguing and informative experiences. Nike recently used a multi-media installation at their 27thanniversary of their Air Max sneakers. A 2D picture of the iconic shoe was embedded with videos that detailed the brand’s legacy. When guests scanned specific areas of the image, they were sent a video that told the story of various Nike milestones.

High tech events are incorporating Google Glass – making it easy for guests to interact with both speakers and their surroundings.

Google’s foray into virtual, wearable technology is enriching high tech events experiences in a number of ways. For one, the device makes taking a photo or video and then sharing it on social media incredibly easy to do. Keynote speakers are using their Google glasses as a hands-free prompting device, enabling them to present without having to look up at teleprompter, elevating their presentations into slick, powerful performances. Glassware (apps available on Google Glass) app Refresh gives guests insights into the speaker they’re about to see next. The app trawls social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for info about the speaker in question and then sends it the wearer. These insights include details like the speaker’s background, interests, education and even recent blog posts.

Another Glass app that’s being used by guests at high tech events is Sli.do. This app connects the audience and speaker by allowing members of the audience to visit a dedicated URL and pose questions to the presenter. Guests vote for the questions they’d most like to see answered and Sli.do then displays these questions to the speaker. This valuable insight enables speakers to talk about topics their audiences want to hear, and as a result, keep them engaged and interested throughout the presentation.

Near Field Communication (N.F.C) wristbands allow users to share their experience on social media, as well as make cashless payments.

The use of N.F.C is growing exponentially. A form of wireless communication, this technology enables smartphones to communicate with devices in the immediate vicinity. Wristbands equipped with a N.F.C tag are being used to make cashless payments at high tech events. The tags are either pre-loaded with a certain number of credits, or are linked to the guest’s credit card, enabling them to purchase refreshments without having to haul out their wallet.

Sharing an experience on social media is now as easy as swiping an N.F.C enabled wristband. Guests can link their bands to their Facebook, for example. When they enter a venue, they’ll automatically be ‘checked-in’ on Facebook. Similarly, if they’ve just taken a picture at a photo booth, the image will be automatically loaded onto their feed. This sorts of brand exposure is priceless, and the reach it affords high tech events is inordinately more than if event organisers had to run a social campaign manually.

Creating an emotional connection between a guest and your event is crucial if you want to facilitate brand awareness and loyalty.

The high tech events that leave a lasting impression are those that provide guests with a way to interact with your brand in a way that’s relevant and engaging.