8 Signs You Need An RSVP Solution

Planning an event is without a doubt, one of the most demanding jobs. At any given time, you have to keep your eye on multiple balls in order to avoid having an event fall flat. Conducting a successful event is no small feat, which is why event managers know that they need all the help they can get. If you’re feeling frazzled, or are losing sleep over budget constraints, it may be time to use an RSVP solution. We’ve listed seven tell-tale signs you’re in need of some assistance.

1. You are constantly struggling to fill your guest lists.

If you haven’t had an event with 100% attendance in months, you need to find out why. Possible reasons include invitations being marked as spam, or invites that aren’t optimised for corporate inboxes. If an invitation isn’t personalised, looks unprofessional or is downright unenticing, guests won’t open them. Make sure that any images included aren’t “broken”, pixelated, or stretched. Remember that this is someone’s first impression of your event, so it’s crucial you’re sending out invitations that engage guests from the moment they read the subject line.

2. You are sick of chasing after errant RSVPs.

If too much of your time is spent following up with people who haven’t yet RSVP’d, chances are that you’re neglecting other duties. Wasting time and money on hiring an extra staff member to conduct this will impact negatively on any events you run, which means that it’s vital that this process is conducted by professionals who’re adept at following up with guests.

3. You are wasting money on “no-shows”.

If you’re constantly faced with guests who don’t pitch – after you’ve spent money on their meal, personalised gift bag and place setting, you’re in need of a tool that identifies repeat offenders. You’ll be able to invite a replacement, thanks to real-time reporting capabilities.

4. You dread every event registration process.

Having to lug PC equipment, set up check-in stations, and then deal with long lines of impatient guests isn’t optimal. Manually sorting through several conflicting guest lists as a result of multiple Excel sheets being handed out to your staff is the stuff of nightmares. If you want a streamlined, speedy registration process, an RSVP solution is paramount.

5. You are in charge of large-scale corporate events.

And as a result, have to manage massive guest lists. If your data is saved in various Excel spreadsheets that are scattered around the office, mistakes are inevitable. Being aware of details like a variety of dietary requirements and the names of VIPs or foreign delegates is imperative. You can’t afford to serve the Dalai Lama steak tartar or make Government officials wait ages to register – which means an online, integrated guest list management solution is essential.

6. Your events have specific registration needs.

Many corporate functions employ the use of barcodes that need to be scanned upon a guest’s arrival, or agendas that need to be supplied to delegates – but because you’re relying on an archaic registration process, these elements are complicating the process even further. Having one online dashboard from which you’re able to check-in guests digitally will ensure that this isn’t problematic.

7. You’re unable to demonstrate

ROI on your events. Even if your event has gone off without a hitch, if you aren’t able to gather and collate valuable data attesting to the fact, it’s impossible to prove that the event resulted in actual ROI. Storing a variety of information about your guests and suppliers in one easily accessible program is key when compiling reports on an event’s ROI.

8. You’ve got your eye on a promotion.

If you’re yearning for some recognition in the form of a more senior position, it’s imperative that you can motivate your case. If your day is spent carrying out repetitive administrative tasks, demonstrating your leadership quality will be challenging. Using an integrated RSVP solution is key to streamlining tasks, allowing you to spend time on overseeing all facets of the actual event. If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to use an RSVP solution. Your time is precious, and wasting it on superfluous administrative tasks is detrimental to any event you’re running. Ensuring that the management process is streamlined is essential, and goes a long way in aiding you in holding events that are free from last-minute crises and enjoyed by guests.