Event Time Management Skills for Marketing Managers.

He’s cute, he’s round, he’s furry and, when put in his hamster wheel, he gallops along at high speed until he’s completely exhausted. While our hamster may be getting some much-needed exercise at the time, he doesn’t really get anywhere, does he? Once done, all he has left to do is fall off his wheel and collapse into a panting heap at the bottom of his cage. Poor guy. It’s the same for us when we get too busy at work. We become the proverbial hamster in a wheel, caught up in an incessant spin, with emails, tasks, calls and urgent requests coming at us from all directions. We move from task to task, chased by our anxieties. But, despite our mad flurry, we don’t really get anywhere. At this point, we need to slow down, take some deep breaths, and implement a few time management skills to ease the pressure from our day.

Like every skill, time management is one that can be honed and perfected

In her recent Forbes article, Lisa Quast suggested the following tips for improving your time management skills:

  •  Document how you spend your time each day and every day, for a week, to find out which activities get most of your attention and energy;
  • Plan your week ahead of time, ranking activities into urgent, important and least important, so that you know which ones to focus on first and to prevent  unnecessary tasks or distractions eating into your time;
  • Decide what time each day you will dedicate to checking and following up on emails and then discipline yourself to stick to these times.

In another Forbes blog on time management, we are recommended the following time-management techniques for reducing spin and stress in your work week:

  • Finish up every meeting by first attending to the tasks that you have been given in that meeting. Don’t put these tasks off for later;
  • Set reminders for items that need to be checked on or seen to in your day;
  • See to personal action items first so that they don’t hang over your head and worry you throughout the day;
  • Unsubscribe from distracting newsletters or distribution lists – the amount of time we spend on deleting emails we’ll never read eventually adds up. Plus, these emails just clutter up our email inboxes.

As far as possible, automate what you can to save time and reduce those stress levels

While not a time management skill per se, implementing process automation wherever possible is a really effective way of keeping the hamster wheel at a manageable spin rate. Event Management Software automates the management of event invitations, responses and registrations, and frees event managers up to focus on other key activities involved in organising their corporate events.

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