Why The Efficiency of Your Conference Registration is Vital

Conferences are a great way to enhance a brand’s image, and if run properly, can increase brand awareness and customer loyalty to boot. One thing many corporate event planners fail to take into account however, is that the conference registration process plays a crucial role in positioning a brand as industry-leading.

If your conference registration is disorganised, guests will immediately have a negative impression of your brand.

Your registration process needs to be as streamlined as possible in order to avoid having guests stand in slow-moving queues becoming irritated before they’ve even set foot in the venue. As with all other aspects of a corporate event, preparing for any eventuality is crucial in order to avoid any hiccups.

Ensure that all name badges or tags are printed out before-hand and that you have printers on stand-by ready to print name tags for guests who arrive unexpectedly. In addition, hosts and hostesses need convey a sense of professionalism, and be skilled in dealing with VIPs and guests who arrive at the last minute.

Streamlined, well-orchestrated conference registration processes rely on using a sophisticated registration system.

Attempting to check hundreds of guests in manually is a disaster waiting to happen. Not only will this take a considerable amount of time, it also leaves room for human error. Software like our very own Sesame system – which is a sophisticated, cloud-based registration programme – that’s updated in real time is paramount. It can be used by several staff members at once, which means that the bottleneck of guests that usually occurs at registration is avoided.

Our conference registration programme is specifically designed to facilitate hassle-free check-ins.

Our hostesses check guests in on an iPad that’s equipped with our Sesame software. This works via a numbering system, so that as soon as a guest has checked in with one host, another is notified and is able to have their name tag ready and waiting.

Professionalism relies on being one step ahead at all times, and without the necessary software, this is incredibly difficult to achieve. In addition, The RSVP Agency now fit our hostesses with headsets– further enabling them to facilitate conference registration that’s slick and efficient.

The reputation of your brand relies on the efficiency of your conference registration process.

Industry-leading energy giant Sasol recently used our Sesame check-in software for their ‘New Signature’ event. This enabled them to quickly and efficiently register 1200 guests – a task that would have been extremely complicated (not to mention long-winded) without the use of our software.

Other companies who’ve benefitted from our registration software include BestMedMomentum Wealth, and SAMRO.