Mastering the On-site Guest Confirmation Process

4-Step On-site Guest Confirmation Process

Planning a corporate event is all about providing the best possible experience for your guests via an engrossing brand experience. Months of hard work culminating in the perfect event can be quickly derailed if the on-site guest registration process is impaired. You only get one chance at a first impression, and a seamless guest confirmation process is vital for a successful event.

Our innovative RSVP management software, coupled with an expert team, ensures a smooth running on-site confirmation process in 4 steps.

1. Guests are greeted by professional hosts

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by our hosts. These professional hosts are friendly, courteous and committed to providing excellent customer service. Each host is equipped with an iPad loaded with our customised app. We also provide a sufficient amount of hosts for the size of your event – ensuring that guests will not have to wait to register.

2. QR codes for easy identification

Prior to the event, guests are sent bespoke QR codes via email and SMS. Upon arrival, our hosts scan the QR codes with with their i so that information about the guest and partner can be pulled from the database. And just like that, guests are confirmed and tracked on the system. The QR code system also efficiently arms event organisers with the information needed to run a smooth event. This includes dietary seating plans and access points (such as in the case for VIP guests).

3. One-click registration

Once the QR code is scanned, our hosts confirm the guest’s arrival with a single click on their iPad. The process is quick and minimises the opportunity for human error. Guests are unlikely to have to wait, and are registered on-site in minutes.

4. Personalised experience

Once the guest is registered and confirmed, our hosts are able to use the information that has been pulled to personalise the guest journey. Guests are greeted by name at this stage, and provided with a name tag and gift bag (if applicable). Should it be required, guests will be ushered to the relevant area.

Our on-site guest confirmation process guarantees a fast, technologically advanced registration for event attendees.  The online format of the registration process also allows for post-event reports to be pulled, as well as items handed out and collected to be tracked. The combination of our well-trained staff and advanced software ensures that your events will always make an excellent first impression.

All it takes is 4 easy steps and RSVP Agency’s expert attention!

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