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Marketing and Event Technology Services

We provide all the skills

Let our team run the perfect online marketing, invitation and registration process for you

A well-executed event starts long before the big day. Event organising is a time-consuming and strenuous task where many things can go wrong. We at The RSVP Agency know that event marketing comes with its own set of challenges – especially in terms of the small (but crucial) details that are often overlooked.

Make planning your events easier and your guests happier with an all-in-one event management service that doesn’t just promise results, but delivers them. The RSVP Agency offers event management services to ensure all your events are a success. Furthermore, we provide event software, invitation card designs and more.

Email Invitation & Online Registration Design

The RSVP Agency provides a comprehensive design service to quickly and cost-effectively design all the required elements of a professional RSVP project, from electronic invitations all the way to on-site event registration.

Email invitation copywriting

Every event is different. Let us craft the perfect electronic invitations for you. We can help by using the tone and language that best suits your target audience.

Database Integrity and Cleaning

The RSVP Agency offers a full database integrity check and clean-up service. Our software provides extensive duplicate guest data checking to ensure that you don’t send duplicate invitations.

SMS Reminder Service

An SMS reminder the day before your event maximises attendance.

Name Badges / Accreditation

We offer a number of options for name badges, lanyards and event accreditation.

On-site Registration and Event Hosting

Our professional team of hosts and hostesses will ensure your event runs smoothly.

Call downs

Our professional consultants call guests who have not yet responded to your electronic invitation. They are fully briefed on all event details in case they are asked for specifics on the event. This process not only assists in increasing attendance at your event; it also allows us to improve your database integrity.

Guest list management

We work with many corporates and event companies to ensure that guest lists are accurate, comprehensive and useful. Detailed guest lists are critical when it comes to successful conference and event management.