Measuring The Emotional Impact of Your Event Branding

As an event planner, it’s easy to get so lost in the logistics of planning a spectacular event that you forget about how the event will be experienced by its most important ingredient – the guests. Similar to how a chef experiences his restaurant in a very different way to his customers, your guests will perceive your event in a very different way to how you, as the event planner, do. This is why measuring the emotional impact of your events is so crucial to both your event branding and ensuring that your future events are designed with the guests’ emotional experience in mind.

Don’t forget that human beings are emotional beings

Emotions can have a much stronger impact on us than thoughts and concepts. People tend to value experiences that resonate emotionally with them over cerebral experiences. As well as being more enjoyable, emotive experiences are significantly more memorable too. This is particularly pertinent to event branding. If your guests remember the event, chances are they’ll also remember the brand behind the event. Not only that, they’ll engage with the brand at the event in a much more meangingful way.

Every event touch point is an opportunity to create an emotional impact

Email invitations are the first element of event branding that can emotionally impact your guests. As well as being emotional beings, we are visual beings. A slickly designed email invitation with compelling copy can impress a guest much more than you might think. Make sure you select the right corporate event management services to assist you in this, especially if you aren’t skilled in the art of Photoshop. At the event itself lies many opportunities to create an emotional experience for your guests. Visual cues at the entrances, paths marked out on the floor and the right colour scheme are oft overlooked features that will influence how a guest feels about your event and the success of your event branding. Your event hosts and hostesses are another important factor in creating a positive emotional experience for your guests – make sure that you vet everyone you employ to work at your function.

Technology has made it possible to get into the hearts and minds of your guests

Social media has given event planners and brands access to valuable information – what guests are really thinking and feeling about their event or brand. A quick search on Twitter will pull up everything people are saying about a particular subject – even if hashtags haven’t been used.  SMS surveys sent out after your event are another effective tool for gauging how your guests feel after your event. Make sure this is sent out within 12 hours of the event while the experience is still fresh in their minds. Then, using the help of Event Management Software, you can analyse any trends or patterns in the data you collect to help you plan future events.

Corporate event management services can help empower your event’s emotional impact. Contact The RSVP Agency for more advice on how to make event branding a success.