Why an Event Planner Makes The Best Valentine

If you’re on the look-out for a date for the international day of love, aka Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider choosing an event planner as your plus-one.

In no particular order, here are the top six reasons why event planners make the best Valentine’s Day dates.

1. They’ll never keep you waiting.

One (of the many) things that event planners get, is that time is of the essence. They live their lives ten minutes into the future, which means that you’ll never have to sit alone at a candle lit table for two, refreshing your Twitter feed until they finally arrive or you run out of data.

2. They’re great communicators.

Listening to a barrage of nervous chatter, is not ideal. So too is having to make small-talk about how you think the waiter’s pants are too tight, or God forbid – the weather. Event planners are great listeners, and experts at making anyone they come into contact with feel at ease.

3. They’re well connected.

Ask any event planner about their extensive network of contacts and they’ll rattle off an endless list of names. Need a dinner reservation or front-row tickets to that one-time-only show that’s sold out? No problem – your event planner’s already on it.

4. They have their fingers firmly on the pulse.

Want to know about the latest technology, trends or need-to-know news? Ask an event planner. They’re always one-step ahead, which means that you’ve got a go-to source of cutting-edge information, way before anyone else.

5. They’re always cool, calm and collected.

One thing event planners excel at is keeping their cool – no matter the situation. If you’d do anything to avoid drama, dating an event planner is your best bet. Keeping a situation under control is child’s play to them, which means that you’ll have someone by your side to smooth over even the most ruffled of feathers

6. They’re professional problem solvers.

Resourceful and level-headed, event planners are experts at solving last-minute hiccups. Because quick-thinking is a pre-requisite for the job, event planners always have their wits about them both on and off the job.